• Worthington Sauna

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    Worthington Sauna

    The Worthington Sauna is spacious, stylish, and easy to assemble.

     It features multi-level seating, an 8kw electric heater, and a 

    full-glass front that is both tempered and lightly tinted. 

    This 6-person indoor sauna is a compelling choice for anyone 

    who loves all that the authentic sauna experience has to offer!

    Product Description


    Inside the Worthington Sauna, 2 full-length upper benches and 1 retractable lower bench provide plenty of room for 6 individuals. There is a back rest behind each bench, which means comfort for everyone. The Worthington’s design is both functional and visually pleasing, and the balanced blending of horizontal and vertical lines is a dynamic element. This indoor model is especially easy to assemble and will take two individuals about 4-6 hours to complete.


    You will find compelling details throughout the Worthington Sauna, like the stainless steel hinges, door handle, and vertical bench support. The glass is tempered and lightly tinted. The walls, ceiling, benches, and duckboard floor section are made from light-colored, high-grade spruce. All in all, this model is a top-quality package deal. 


    This kit includes an 8kw stainless steel electric heater with sauna stones, bucket and ladle. As a rule of thumb, it will hit 150F in about 30 minutes and 190 in less than an hour, and you use the bucket and ladle to apply water to the sauna stones, generating a quick burst of steam. This sauna is an excellent choice for anyone who loves the authentic sauna experience.


    The Worthington lays the scene for the ultimate experience in relaxation. Interior LED lighting provides a soft illumination inside the room. The full-glass front helps the sauna feel open and spacious while the light tint to the glass provides a touch of privacy. With room for up to 6 individuals, the Worthington Sauna acts as a gathering place for people to enjoy each other’s company, and it is certainly a place that you’ll want to invite others to share. The lines, the detail, and the unity of materials give this model a touch of style that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.

    Item: HARWOR6PNS

        Capacity: 6 Persons

        Heater: 8kw stainless steel water-over-rocks steam heater

        Electrical: 220v, 40-amp service for heater (8/2 wire hard-wire connect); 110v, 15-amp for light (plug-in)

        Exterior Dimensions: 80.3″L x 61.4″W x 80.3″H

        Interior Dimensions: 77.2″L x 56.7″W x 77.9″H

        Lower Bench Size: 35.4″L x 17.3″W x 17.7″H

        Upper Bench Size: 77.2″L x 24.4″W x 35.8″H

        Upper Bench L Extension: 34″L x 24.4″W x 35.8″H

        Note: All dimensions are approximate

        Worthington Technical Drawing


        Thick, high-grade Spruce construction

        Pre-assembled wall sections, roof sections, benches, and back rests

        Utilizes existing concrete, ceramic, vinyl, laminate, or tile flooring (carpet not recommended)

        Tempered and tinted full-glass front

        Stainless steel hinges, heater and fasteners

        Interior LED light; 110v plug-in

        3 benches, multi-level seating

        Retractable lower bench

        Indoor usage

        Includes bucket, ladle and thermometer/hygrometer

        Includes duckboard floor section

        Hand-crafted constructions

        Easy assembly for 2 people

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