• Passion Theater Spa

    $21,098.00 $19,200.00

    Passion Theater Spa

    Size: 150 inch x 90 inch x 46 inch
    Number of Persons: 9 Persons
    Total Number of Jets: 135

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        The Theatre Spa Experience

    Published on 4/4/2016 5:11 PM | ByPassion Spas
    The Theatre Spa Experience

    For the best home theatre experience, just add water.

    The Theatre Spa is our largest spa model, measuring 150” long by 90” wide by 46” deep with 6 seats and 2 loungers. That’s because with a retractable flat-screen television display, owning a Theatre Spa means that movie night is going to be at your place every week and there’s got to be enough room for everyone.

    Sitting in pleasantly warm water, feeling the massage of the jets on muscles made sore and tense by the demands of the day, while you watch a favored classic or a newly released blockbuster – it all makes for one uniquely luxurious experience.