• Harvia Forte Electric Sauna Heater


    Product Description

    The Harvia Forte is always ready for bathing without any pre-heating. Open the heater cover, get on the bench, throw some water on the hot stones, and sit back to enjoy. The Forte guarantees that you can have a humid and soft bath immediately whenever you want it, and the sauna temperature will rise if you let the heater operate at maximum power for a short time with the cover open. The heater operating switches are located on the top side of the heater, emphasizing ease of use in addition to short heating times.

    The Forte is an economic heater of durable Harvia quality. The entire stone cavity is made of stainless steel, and the efficient use of thermal insulation enables the heater to maintain its bathing temperature using a only modest amount of electrical power. In between baths, the heater works as a normal radiator in the sauna. It is the right choice for families who use the sauna often but not necessarily at fixed intervals.

    NOTE: Does not include sauna stones. Sauna stones must be purchased separately.