• Wood Burning Sauna Heater Installation Kit

    $1,799.00 $1,689.50

    Product Description

    The wood burning installation sauna heater installation kit gives a good hot sauna bath in medium-sized outdoor saunas.
    Note: Wood burning saunas are recommended for certain outdoor sauna models only.  Please contact Almost Heaven Saunas for further information.
    The wood burning heater installation kit allows you to vent your sauna wood stove through the top of the Barrel Sauna. The kit includes all of the necessary components to do a complete installation of a wood-burning stove. The kit is compatible with all of the Harvia wood burning stoves offered by Almost Heaven Saunas, and you can either purchase individual pieces or the complete kit.

    Complete kit includes:

        Adapter Pipe
        Chimney boot
        Chimney strap
        Chimney cap
        Chimney pipe (x2)
        Chimney pipe fleece
        Chimney pipe extension
        Heater base
        Heater protective sheath
        Hose Clamp

       Wood stove installation guide.