Fragrance Spazazz Elixir Tropical Rain, 9oz Bottle

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Fragrance Spazazz Elixir Tropical Rain, 9oz Bottle

Item# SZ120
Brand:    Spazzaz
Packaging:    Single
Scent Type:    Tropical

Treat yourself to this all natural blend of botanicals, Aloe Vera and enhanced
fragrance longevity that will help alleviate stress and tension while leaving
your skin feeling soft and shine with a healthy glow.

Spazazz Original Blend aromatherapy elixirs are an affordable indulgence that
will enhance your hot tub experience every time you get in. The moisturizing
botanicals increase skin hydration and pampers your skin while the long
lasting aroma's soothe your senses.

The elixirs are specially formulated for use in spas, hot tubs
and bathtubs. They won't effect your hot tubs water in any
adverse way or leave oily residue behind.