• Canopy Barrel Sauna Charleston 6+2 4-Person

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    Canopy Barrel Sauna Charleston 6+2  4-Person  

    Product Description

    The simple grace of a barrel-shaped sauna is found in its ball-and-socket profile, held in place by sturdy stainless steel bands and minimal fasteners. This arrangement allows the lumber staves to expand and contract to form a tight seal, and the unit sits on polymer support cradles that loft the sauna’s undercarriage off the ground. The Canopy Barrel Sauna is an expressive take on our classic Barrel Sauna — a design noted for its efficiency, even distribution of heat, and visual appeal. By taking the front round section and setting it back into the sauna, we’ve created a visually appealing and useful outside sitting area — a place to hold towels or drinks or to serve as a relaxing place to cool off between sauna rounds.

    Almost Heaven Saunas Canopy Barrel Saunas are available in either Nordic Spruce, Hemlock-Fir, Rustic Western Red Cedar, or Clear Western Red Cedar. If placing the sauna outdoors, Nordic Spruce and Red Cedar are ideal lumber choices. It you look closely at our saunas, you’ll also notice that we use thick tempered glass and stainless steel hardware to support the integrity and durability of the unit as a whole.

    All of Almost Heaven Saunas come with an appropriately-sized stainless steel heater from Harvia in Finland, the world leaders in sauna heater manufacture. This units will get the room up to about 190–195F in less than an hour. Each U.S.-made Canopy Barrel Sauna also includes sauna stones, bucket, ladle, and combination thermometer-hygrometer so that you’ll have everything you need to begin enjoying the authentic sauna experience as soon as possible. 

    Soft interior LED lighting, opposite-facing benches that allow bathers to enjoy good conversation, and a sturdy heater fence made from aromatic Western red cedar all promote the authentically relaxing experience that is traditional sauna bathing. Our saunas ship all across the country and around the world to sauna enthusiasts who enjoy the wellness benefits of heat and steam, benefits that include the best quality, performance, and value available!

    Capacity: 4 Persons
    Heater Size: 6.0kw, 220v, 30amp electrical requirement
    Assembled Size: 72"W x 95"L x 77"H
    Interior Room Size: 71"W x 64"L x 71"H
    Canopy Porch Size: 71"W x 29"L x 71"H
    Bench Width: 18"
    Shipping Weight: 915 lbs
    Shipping Size: 40"W x 96"L x 78"H
    All dimensions are approximate:

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