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    Appalachia Sauna

    The Appalachia is a traditional cabin-style sauna that includes a changing room and front porch area. It can comfortably seat up to six individuals and includes a high-performance wood stove. This sauna is made in Finland by Harvia, sauna manufacturers of world renown.

    Product Description

    The Appalachia Sauna by Harvia in Finland embraces all that the authentic sauna experience was meant to be, designed with years of tradition in mind. This sauna is a cabin-style model that features multi-level seating for up to 6 individuals, an attached changing room, and a front porch area for cooling off between sauna rounds. It is designed so that two individuals can assemble it over the course of a weekend — a rewarding project that provides satisfaction on so many levels.

    The Appalachia arrives in the form of a kit with pre-cut and notched Nordic Spruce timber sections. In terms of materials, this sauna is exceptional. The lumber is thick and beautiful, the hardware and fasteners are made from premium stainless steel, and each pane of glass is tempered and sturdy. (If placed directly on the bare ground, we recommend positioning paving stones or cinder blocks underneath the supports.)

    This sauna comes with a Harvia 20 Pro wood-burning stove and an installation kit that includes the chimney, protective base, and protective surround. This exceptional heater will bring the sauna room up to temperatures nearing 200F in less than an hour. (Quick tip: When selecting what type of wood to burn in the heater, keep in mind that softwoods will heat faster and hardwoods will heat hotter.) Each order also comes with a bucket, ladle, and combination thermometer/hygrometer — everything needed to enjoy the authentic sauna experience to the fullest.

    The Appalachia was made by sauna lovers for sauna lovers. It comes from Finland, the heartland of authentic sauna culture, and carries with it a spirit of proud, vibrant health and wellness. This sauna is for anyone who loves the outdoors year-round, an all-terrain, all-seasons personality who, come rain or shine, will be outside doing what they love best.

    Item: spHARPPALCH
    Capacity: 6 Persons
    Heater: Harvia 20 Pro, wood-burning
    Exterior Dimensions: 156"L x 125"W x 92"H
    Changing Room Dimensions: 75"L x 75"W x 84"H
    Sauna Room Dimensions: 75" L x 75"W x 84"H
    Lower Bench Dimensions: 75"L x 19"W
    Upper Bench Dimensions: 75"L x 24"W
    Door (2) Dimensions: 32"W x 70"H
    Porch Dimensions: 156"L x 39"W
    Assembled Weight: 2935 lbs.
    Shipping Dimensions: 177" x 46" x 40"H
    Shipping Weight: 3086 lbs.
    Note: All dimensions are approximate


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